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The Pledge – Johnny Hunter, Mitch Cox & Max Sargent

The Pledge – Johnny Hunter, Mitch Cox & Max Sargent

Scoutmaster Ballard and I have fooled about together a couple of times since I arrived at camp this summer. I’m trying not to raise my hopes too high because I’m starting to feel some pretty strong feelings for him. It’s not always that easy for us to find time to be on our own together, and after we’ve done it, he always gets a bit weird with me. I suppose he feels a bit guilty, like he’s taken advantage of me or something, but nothing can be further from the truth. If it were up to me, we’d be doing it every day and every night without worrying what anyone else thinks. I really hate it when he ignores me in front of others. My mind starts playing tricks. Sometimes I see him hiking off into the woods with another scout and I panic that he’s found someone else, someone he likes better. I’m always really relieved and very happy when he whispers in my ear to meet him somewhere, or tells me to say I’m not feeling well so that we can stay in the camp when everyone else is doing activities elsewhere. Yesterday, over breakfast, he came up to me, all bold and in front of everyone, and said, “Johnny, you don’t look well…” Of course, I played along; “I’ve got a bit of a headache, Sir.” “Well, we can’t take you swimming with a headache, can we, so you’ll have to stay here with Scoutmaster Cox and me…” I don’t know if he saw my face falling. We certainly weren’t gonna be able to have sex with Scoutmaster Cox hanging around. He’s a stickler for rules and, to be honest, he scares the shit out of me! So, when everyone else left the camp, I started to feel a bit apprehensive. I went back to my tent and found a note from Scoutmaster Ballard telling me to meet him in the main tent. I wasn’t sure what to expect and when I arrived it was all zipped up… I rather nervously entered and was really shocked to find Ballard and Cox standing inside. My heart instantly sank, and then immediately started pounding as Ballard took my arms and held them behind my back while Cox re-zipped the tent with us all inside. Scoutmaster Cox then walked up to me, and without saying anything, started to undress me. My head started spinning. I couldn’t process what was happening. Was Cox into guys as well? Had Ballard told him our secret? Was I in trouble? Then Scoutmaster Ballard was running his hands seductively up and down my back and all the questions started to fizzle away, replaced by an overwhelming sensation of sexual excitement. Scoutmaster Cox may have terrified me ever since I joined this troop, but I would be lying if I said I hadn’t imagined doing some of the things with him that I’d done with Ballard. He’s one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen. So I just gave into the feelings and allowed them to caress and undress me as my dick started swelling uncontrollably. Cox then knelt down and started to suck me. It was an extraordinary sensation. His tongue was kinda dancing on the tip of my dick. I could feel my entire body starting to shake. Then they turned me around so that Ballard could suck me while Cox used that crazy fluttering tongue of his to do things to my hole which I’ve never experienced. Waves of intense pleasure started to crash through my body. Then Scoutmaster Ballard pushed me down on all fours, unbuttoned his pants and fed his dick into my mouth. Now, I don’t exactly have much experience when it comes to sucking cock, but I’m pretty sure Ballard’s meat is about as large as meat gets! I always struggle to get it all in my mouth. I could hear Cox unbuckling his belt behind me and seconds later felt his dick running over my ass cheeks. I suddenly felt really confused. Was he actually going to fuck me? We’d not even kissed. I didn’t even know how big his dick was. And then suddenly he was pushing it into me. No warning. It felt like someone was shoving an iron bar up there! It was agony! Don’t get me wrong, there was no way I was gonna tell him to stop. Excruciatingly painful it might have been, but the idea that Scoutmaster Cox had entered me without permission, and was rutting me, using me, fully clothed but for his dick sticking out of his sexy uniform flies… man, that’s gonna keep me in red-hot fantasies for months! I imagined the look on his face, the beads of sweat forming on his lovely mustache. I wondered if he and Ballard were exchanging encouraging, cheeky, dirty glances. I could feel his rock hard dick thrusting into me faster and faster. I liked that I was pleasing him but it made me gasp and yell. I just tried to focus on staying relaxed while trying to give Ballard a decent blow job at the same time! That’s quite a bit to think about at once! Cox pulled out and turned me around, and I instantly got busy with his dick. It was kinda crazy to see it for the first time – knowing it had already been inside me! And it looked just as big on the outside as it felt inside me! I really wanted to do everything properly, so I was quite embarrassed because he kept making me choke, but I think Cox secretly quite liked that… It wasn’t long before Scoutmaster Ballard was pushing himself into me from behind. I guess I ought to be used to his dick by now, but it’s so wide and fat, and, at that moment, it felt like he was trying to rip me in two. I got the distinct impression they were having a bit of a competition to see who could fuck me the hardest because he got harder and faster with every stroke. I actually wondered if they were gonna cum at the same time, one in my mouth, one in my hole… maybe the two loads would meet somewhere in my tummy! Then they turned me around again and Cox was back inside me while I sucked Ballard. He went real hard and kept whispering words of encouragement. Sometimes I couldn’t tell if he was talking to me or Ballard. Then I was suddenly on my back and he was back inside me, banging me harder than I’ve ever been banged while jerking my dick. I was just yelling. It was so intense. I sort of entered a trance. He literally fucked the cum out of me. It felt like his dick was somehow inside mine… almost like I was gonna spunk two loads simultaneously – his and mine. Then I started spraying. All the way up to my face. Giant jets of juices. More than I’ve ever seen coming out of my dick before. Then Scoutmaster Cox finally kissed me. And it was worth the wait. I knew at that moment that he was pleased with me. I knew I’d done well.

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