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Smashed and loaded by Beefcake Gabriel

This Smashed and loaded by Beefcake Gabriel scene finally convinced me that behind that smiley and cute face, Gabriel is a dominant Beefcake! He has continuing working out, his goal is to get to his former self, physically speaking, when he was first known at BCH. I think he still hot just the way he looks now, anyways, he told me that he will continue working out, if that is what he wants, good for him! Why I say he is a dominant Beefcake? well, we can see his excitement when he arrived at BeefCakeHunter Land and saw me on my knees like the submissive cock sucker that I am. He played with his cock in my mouth, face fucked me, and he was verbal, I know many Hunters will love that 🙂 While on my knees by the door I took the opportunity to worship his beautiful thick hairy legs, and I even turned him around so I can lick his hole for a bit, he didn’t expect that lol Then we moved to the couch, where I got on my fours, so he can start drilling me, at first, I noticed he wasn’t that enthusiastic, but everything changed when I laid down on my belly, helpless at his mercy, well… that was the moment he switched back to dominant, he fucked me good and hard, it was like another Gabriel…hot! After been Smashed and loaded by Beefcake Gabriel, I wanted him to lay on top of me, but I guess he didn’t get what I was trying to tell him lol, anyways, it was so pleasurable feeling his whole manliness over me. I kissed his arms! I hope you guys enjoy this video Smashed and loaded by Beefcake Gabriel and that you like for him to be around, because we all know that what is next, is a missionary experience with this sexy and handsome Latino Beefcake!

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