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Lucca Mazzi & Trent Marx – Serviced

We find Lucca Mazzi and Trent Marx deep in a makeout session before Trent leans back in his chair, stroking his dick while Lucca worships Trent’s chest and nipples. Lucca works his way down to Trent’s hard cock and starts throating it balls-deep, occasionally popping back up for more kissing before returning to Trent’s dick. Lucca expertly alternates between using his hand to play with Trent’s taint, balls, and using it to stroke Trent’s dick while he continues to suck. Lucca varies his technique, paying attention to Trent’s cock head, then taking it deeper, sucking slowly, then faster. Trent reaches down and strokes Lucca’s cock as Lucca adds some organic lubricant to the mix. Trent fucks Lucca’s face before Trent takes over, stroking his dick faster and faster until he shoots his load all over his stomach while Lucca teases Trent’s nipples. Lucca tastes Trent’s load and shares some with Trent as the camera pans away.

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