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Pediu pizza, levou pica – Junior Rodrigues & Pedro Zull

Peter was hungry for two things; a delicious pepperoni pizza and a very large roll in his ass, the biggest surprise was when the delivery man arrived and Pedro discovered that the hot guy carried the complete package he wanted so much, Pizza and rolls big and thick. Pedro Zull ordered a pepperoni pizza and was already upset that the boy couldn’t visit him, it was when the wrong pizza arrived at his house, that he got stressed and all the blame fell on the back of the delivery guy, Junior Rodrigues. Afraid of being fired, the delivery man soon tried to explain himself, but Pedro only wanted one thing; the pepperoni he carried between his legs. As Junior Rodrigues is no fool or anything, he wasted no time and ate Pedro Zull’s tight ass with gusto… oh how delicious! So don’t waste time and order a delicious pizza and embark on this delicious scene, just don’t order pepperoni, because pepperoni is what you’ll see most in this scene 😉

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