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Muscle Affair – Cherr Brown & Steven Angel

Black muscled top Cherr Brown and our new mate Steven Angel get to know each other in the sunny porch of our flat. Steven is a hot candy from Colombia with an amazing ripped body and a beaming smile on his face. While they chat things starts to heat up and the two horny guys move to a more comfortable place. The huge ebony dick that hangs between the legs of Cherr makes Steven crazy: the Colombian opens his mouth to worship and swallow every single inch of meat, then bends down to let Cherry returning the favour and licking his juicy muscled ass. Steven’s body is so supple that he can easily open his legs wide to the max, while moaning for cock. The ripped top stands in front of that amazing view and plunges his raw massive piece deep in the ass, hammering Steven’s hole in perfect positions all over the sofa and then erupting a thick load that covers his face in white!

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