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Multi Orgasmic Lovers – GJ, Will Tantra

These men are lovers and teachers. Through sexual meditation, they find inspiration to help unlock our body’s potential for greater sexual function and pleasure. Will trained GJ how to be multi-orgasmic. Now they want to help you learn, too, by showing you the love, connection and passion that the practice inspires.

If you want to dive deeper into multi-orgasmic sex with Will Tantra, one such workshop is available on under the title of “How To Have Multiple Orgasms” from our Tantra Sampler collection.

For most men, having multiple orgasms feels elusive. It’s like the proverbial unicorn. It’s the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. However, seeing is believing. And watching multi-orgasmic lovers in action opens viewers up to a whole new world of possibilities and pleasure.

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