Meu Irmão Dotado (My Big Cocked Brother)

Two brothers who always shared secrets during their childhood, today still remain comrades, yet one of them keeps a secret that will be exposed in this story, because his heterosexual brother, arranged to fuck a girl, and she left him waiting in a bar. The brother called him, and Ed lied saying that he was fucking a hot girl, but at the same time that he was horny, he was so distressed and anxious, that he ended up getting drunk and needy, he had to go to his brother’s house. The Brother was received in the house, even though he was drunk, they remembered past games; put his brother to bed. The lust, started when the gay brother , was curious watching his brother piss, when he was sleeping, took the cock with a little fear, until he started to suck, at this moment the straight brother wakes up, complains, but he was also enjoying the joke because he was really horny. He fucked his brother, put it in , in the end to smell the cock he said, “Fuck brother, I think I got you pregnant” This video is so fucking horny, for you who enjoy watching two brothers fucking.

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