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Keven Dotadao & Marcelo – Pau de bebado nao tem dono

Ah, alcohol… always messing with our discernment, some drink to loosen up, others to do what they wouldn’t do sober, but there’s a truth about it, drunk sex gets better. And in the case of this scene it was no different, Keven Dotadão can’t get drunk because he already wants to eat an ass and knowing that Igor Baianinho and Marcelo had the brilliant idea of giving the gifted boy some goros so he can let go and do what he always wanted ; roll up several assholes. When alcohol entered Keven’s mind, his dick was already hard and when he saw the first hottie, he wasted no time in putting him to feed, that’s what happened in this scene; three hotties drinking a cold beer horny for the body and with a lot of slutty in the head. So prepare the ice cream and embark on this alcoholic slutty, where pleasure is as sure as alcohol in your mind.

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