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Hookup Stories: Travis Stevens & Adam Reid

Hookup Stories: Travis Stevens & Adam Reid

Adam Reid opens this scorching edition of “Hookup Stories,” with a tasty tale about a flirtation that started at work, and finishes at Adam’s with a dom/sub session that absolutely sizzles. This series always sees the boys in action; and, this is no exception! After Adam’s erotic share, he and Travis Stevens fall onto the bed, already tangled in a tantric twink/twunk tryst. After some passionate kissing, gorgeous groping, and shirt shedding, little dude Reid wrangles Stevens’ schlong for an epic throating! The strawberry blond boy deep throats the dick, and doesn’t forget to give attention to Stevens’ seed filled sack. Taking control, twunk boy Travis pantses the pretty boy, and expresses his surprise at the sheer size of Reid’s massive, eight inch rod. After giving it the wet worshipping it deserves, Travis says, “I need to try this inside me.” Similar to the boy’s sizzling story earlier, he tops the young muscle stud, sending him into eye rolling back territory! The tight ass on Adam gets the best of Travis naughty thoughts, and he ends up tongue first in the smooth, tight tush. After preparing the pristine posterior, Stevens smashes that ass like the porn superstar he is. He sends cock crashing into the boy’s back door with beautiful, butt breaking thrusts. He bangs the tight bodied twink out in a few porny positions, as the lil’ guy plays with his incredible eight incher till it explodes, and covers his extra smooth skin with an explosive load. Stevens jumps up, and aims his ass wrecker right at Adam’s open mouth. The boy gobbles all the goo he can, and then lets out a, “thanks.” Cock sure Stevens shoots back, “no problem.” Then he gives the boy a steamy, sperm-sticky kiss.

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