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Delivering The Document (Entregando o Documento) – Felipe Villar & Arthur Mondelo

Felipe Villar is super annoyed with the delay in delivering an important document that needs to be signed. About to miss his flight, he calls the company complaining about the delay and asking someone to deliver the document to the hotel where he is staying. After a long wait, Arthur Mondelo arrives with the document too late, leaving Felipe very angry with the delay, after all for this reason he ended up missing his flight. Felipe complains that he missed his flight and a delicious fuck, so Arthur Mondelo offers to help him with the delicious fuck part. The nasty can’t resist the offer and accepts a nice blowjob from the delivery man. Felipe throws a proposal to Arthur, who accepts on the spot, after all, there’s money involved. Felipe fucks Arthur’s ass very well, who complains about the size of the businessman’s dick. Arthur moans in Felipe’s cock that fucks hard in the whore’s ass. This late delivery won’t come cheap.

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