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Daniboy & Pierre – O maromba da praça

You know that maromba on your street that you have a deep horny? What if he got you hot and got you a lot of dick? That’s what happened in this scene! Pierre had a crush on his brother’s friend, a hot man who showed himself shirtless in the square every day, making everyone drool, but come on, this man being who he is, it’s hard not to get wet, he’s the delicious Daniboy! Pierre with all the courage in the world, threw a green and got what he always dreamed of, the cock of this yummy maromba all stuck up his ass, how delicious!!! Daniboy shoved so much cock into Pierre that it was hard for him to forget about that dick beating, even harder for you to forget about this fucking man! For everyone’s joy, hotboys brought this delicious scene for you to enjoy a lot and stay with this man in your head, wishing very much one day to find him working out in the square near your house, after all who doesn’t want to meet a maromba pirocudo like that? So don’t waste time and come enjoy with these two hotties fucking a lot!

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