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Cruising Time Part 4: The Perverted Gym Group – Felix Harris & Vincent Landi

In this chapter number 4, in Cruising Time a couple of beautiful runners, Vincent and Felix, who take advantage of their passage through nature in the city to get to know each other in depth sexually. The boys, heated by the sunny day, decide to take a break to drink water, sitting on the grass. The glances of desire cross between those young, hairless bodies with huge penises. They kiss, in an impulse of fever, their members begin to inflate until they become very hard as wood. Vincent asks Felix to suck his penis, Felix hesitates to do it outdoors but he can’t wait, so he agrees and sucks his member knowing what he’s doing and increasing the pleasure among the boys. While this is happening, someone else passes by who sees them, the boys laugh and continue sucking their cocks, they no longer care if they see them or not, they just want to enjoy … They do a 69, putting their penises in their mouths at the same time time, breathing rhythmically with pleasure, with a lot of heat under the sun and a lot of fever. Felix wants to be penetrated in the ass by Vincent, he climbs his body in front of him and puts his penis inside his tail. The hole expands and receives that huge cock. Vincent takes it with speed, puts in and takes out his cock again and again, Felix moans with pleasure and is grateful that such a male takes him. Then they change their position, to the classic missionary, Vincent penetrates him from the front, with Felix’s legs wide open towards the sky, receiving the penis that makes him enjoy and roll his eyes in ecstasy. Vincent finishes Felix’s ass, releasing his good load into his running partner’s anus. Felix explodes with curiosity for having his ass full of semen and he also ends up on his abs, filling his entire chest and stomach with white liquid. These guys know how to rest between runs. Keep watching Cruising Time, Latino boys have no shame when it comes to having sex in public.

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