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Cruising Time Part 3: Look that Bulge – Italo Van Ewen, Antu Burghos, Bautista Nores & Puppy Zeus

Cruising Time Part 3: Look that Bulge – Italo Van Ewen, Antu Burghos, Bautista Nores & Puppy Zeus

In this 3rd and new chapter of Cruising Time, it’s time to look at lumps and more! These young boys are very daring, they dare to do whatever it takes in public places, devoted to satiating their most perverse fantasies in the open air. On this occasion, a couple of boys who are enjoying the park, cross the threshold of the trees to find some boys having sex in a very very hot way. There is a dog harness and mask, a beautiful wild puppy ready to fulfill your fantasies. The couple surrenders to the fever caused by seeing this scene of a wet dream, they kiss, they suck their penises eagerly, they suck their bodies in a way that makes them feel very raised. The perverted couple sees this situation outdoors and wants to join the sexual madness, ecstatic, wanting to feel like animals in the middle of the forest. The dog knows how to give his penis to be sucked, he prepares his asses to be penetrated, while the bottoms kiss. There is a lot of semen to distribute … On a picnic table the tails presented are placed to be caught at the same time, on all fours, from behind by the puppy and the other active. The sex is super incredible, with speed the huge members move in and out of the asses. Guys moan in nature at being penetrated so hard. When they can’t take it anymore, all that guarded face explodes like semen fireworks, filling the bodies and the wild space. The assets high their hands in the air in triumph, they fulfilled their task of filling those asses with milk. Unmissable … Like the next chapter that comes next week, we meet there or, perhaps, we meet outdoors in a public place.

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