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Beto & Ruan – Meu vizinho me sentou a pica

There is a very clear rule that every good neighborhood must follow; a blowjob and a glass of water is not denied to anyone, even more so if your neighbor is a hot pirocudo, in which case we clearly cannot deny a blowjob, right? Beto was moving to a very welcoming neighborhood, where his next door neighbor welcomed him with open arms and legs, ahhh how good this neighborhood is. Ruan saw that his new neighbor was thirsty and horny and wasted no time in providing a warm reception and with a lot of sex involved, after all this is the best way to welcome a new neighbor, giving the hot ass for the bastard to have fun and see q in that neighborhood the bitching rolls loose! And that’s how Ruan’s new neighbor hit him, but don’t waste time and come see another hotboys scene, where sex rolls loose, keeping the peace in the neighborhood that only cares about bitching!

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