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Arturo Santos & Sean Harding

Sean is ready for dick and tells us as soon as he walks through the door. Arturo is waiting for him and ready to fuck. It didn’t take long before Sean was in his undies, with Arturo on his knees, taking advantage of the opportunity to suck some dick. Sean was all about it and let his top get a taste of his cock and balls before Arturo lifted Sean’s legs in the air and licked all over Sean’s hole. Eating ass is Arturo’s favorite thing in the world to get his bottom ready for fucking. Sean loves it too but is hungry and takes Arturo’s dick deep in his mouth. Arturo feeds Sean’s mouth but would rather fill his ass. Sean bends over the couch and gives his hole up to Arturo, and he knows just what to do with it. He pounds Sean’s ass until Sean blows his load, followed by Arturo spewing his jizz on Sean’s hole.

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